Friday, June 25, 2010

Spoilers for the week of July 5th

Holly heads for a night out on the town with Aaron and Jackson this week – and is surprised to bump into her old party pal, Roz.

It's not long before Holly is up to her old tricks again, as Roz approaches a guy in the club for drugs, before offering a line of coke to her pal.
A wired Holly later admits to Roz that she's having such a good time - she's had another line of coke and taken a pill.
Roz encourages Holly to take it easy – so she's shocked when she later finds her friend locked in a toilet cubicle, freaking out after having a bad reaction to something she's taken.
Worried for Holly's state of mind, Roz rushes to find Aaron and Jackson, and tells them that the teenager is in trouble.
Aaron finds Holly locked in the cubicle, panicking that her heart is beating too fast and she can't breathe. Is she in serious danger?


  1. Poor Holly.
    I'm surprised that Holly,when on a night out with Aaron and Jackson,and they were cool with it.

  2. why don't you update! its not 2010 anymore!