Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aaron's Story 22nd of June 2010

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Part 1: Youtube Megaupload
Part 2: Youtube Megaupload

Paddy's awkward when he realises that Jackson stayed the night at Smithy.

Later, Aaron thanks Paddy for being okay with Jackson sleeping over and admits to Chas that he's now in a proper relationship.

Worried for Aaron, a doting Chas pays Jackson a visit and kindly asks them both to be careful.

Aaron's mortified when Jackson informs him of Chas's motherly warning. With that, Aaron angrily confronts his mother, before Paddy steps in to calm him down, insisting that she was only thinking of his welfare.


  1. Hi there, great blog, by the way! Love your work! Aaron's story rocks! Just one thing - tried to download parts 1 & 2 of tonight's (June 22nd) episode, but both are psrt 2 (ep.207) - hope you get to read this... again I've nothing but praise for this site and being Aaron's story obsessed, visit you guys often... keep the Aaron flag flying, guys, great stuff.

  2. Fixed thanks for pointing it out : )

  3. Danny Miller will go far as an actor.How he portrays Aaron is exceptional when you see him being interviewed on TV in real life you get a picture of how good of an actor he is, there is no comparison between him and his on screen persona which cannot be said for all soap actors.This has to be the one of the best acted story lines on British Tv in quiet along time.Its was disappointing for Danny not to be recognised for his amazing acting and also for poor ratings on the "kiss" episode ( the world cup to blame imo).Congrat on a great site for Danny updates by the way.

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