Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aaron's Story 17th of June 2010

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At community payback, Aaron tries to ignore Wayne's homophobic jibes. When he tries to pick on the new boy, however, Aaron turns the tables and humiliates Wayne instead.

Later, Aaron heads back to the garage, completely unaware that Wayne's followed him. Wayne angrily confronts Aaron over what happened earlier in the day but Aaron refuses to fight back.

With that, Wayne picks up a spanner but Aaron doesn't move to defend himself. Both, however, don't realise that Jackson's watched the scene unfold. Will Jackson jump to Aaron's rescue?

As Aaron struggles to contain his temper, Jackson steps in and restrains Wayne who's still clasping the wrench. When Wayne slopes off, however, Jackson returns to work, leaving Aaron puzzled by his heroic actions.

Later, Aaron buys Jackson a pint in The Woolpack and talk soon turns to Aaron's suicide attempt. Aware that all eyes are on them, they head back to Smithy, where Aaron nervously asks Jackson to stay the night

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  1. Can you reupload it of a other server like medirfire or someelse?