Friday, April 30, 2010

Spoilers for the week of May 10th

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Aaron's Story 29th of April 2010

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Aaron's unimpressed when Chas moves back into Smithy with him and Paddy. The frosty reception doesn't deter her but when she tries to make an effort with Aaron, he lashes out.

In his anger, the tearaway teen begins to hyperventilate and all Chas can do is watch as Paddy calms him down. Chas ruefully wishes that she had such a relationship with her son. Will Aaron ever let Chas into his life?

Also, John's proud of Adam for helping Aaron.

Elsewhere, Chas realises how selfish she sounds when she asks Paddy if Carl can come round. Later, Chas tells Aaron that no matter how long it takes, she'll wait for him to let her in to his life.

Also, Viv insensitively calls Aaron an attention-seeker, much to the disgust of Zak and Marlon.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aaron's Story 28th of April 2010

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Aaron's released from hospital but he's reluctant to return to the village and ignores Chas in the street.

Carl reminds her that the Chas he knows wouldn't give up on her son so easily. She's later relieved when Paddy reveals that Aaron has agreed to see the psychiatrist.

At Smithy, Aaron's grateful for the normality when Adam pays him a visit. However, it's clear that Aaron's still in a fragile state and can't cope with being mollycoddled.

Adamant that she's going to be there for Aaron, Chas decides to move back into Smithy, much to the surprise of Paddy and Carl. Is that really what Aaron needs? How will Carl react?

Full spoilers and pics for the week of May 3rd

Monday 3rd May

Chas and Paddy are relaxed in each other’s company at Smithy. However, it doesn’t go unnoticed and when Aaron catches them play fighting he’s concerned having Chas there is bringing back fond memories for Paddy.

Tuesday 4th May 

Paddy’s is defensive when Aaron notices his growing affection for Chas. Not wanting Paddy to get hurt, Aaron kindly convinces Chas its time for her to move out. She tentatively smiles when he suggests she could still pop by. Later, Paddy is saddened as he realises he’s been “found out” but lets him down gently.

Thursday 6th May

Aaron is trying to get back to normality as he walks Clyde for the first time. However, as he stops at the bottom of the garage drive he tenses. Adam encourages him to go see Cain and Ryan. Before he can think twice, Cain tells him to come up for a brew. He smiles, enjoying being back to familiar territory.

Friday 7th May 

Chas is anxious when Cain tells her Aaron will be starting back at work tomorrow. She asks him not to let on he knows about Aaron’s sexuality. Chas confides her worries to Paddy who assures her it will be good for Aaron.

Danny and Dom caught on the webcam today

Are they play fighting or acting here I wonder:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aaron's Story 27th of April 2010

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Chas is gutted when she hears from Paddy that Aaron wishes he was dead. At a loss, Chas loses her temper with her son when he refuses psychiatric help. Keen to support her, Carl pushes Chas for the truth about Aaron and is stunned when she reveals that Aaron can't cope with being gay.

Concerned, Adam visits the hospital and Chas is hopeful that he'll coax Aaron to talk. Alone, Adam makes a lighthearted joke about Aaron's suicide attempt and it's clear that Aaron's happy to have him there.

However, when Chas returns, Aaron tells her that she should go home. Unable to keep calm, Chas reels at how selfish he is and leaves him to take in her words. Will Aaron listen to his mother? Will Adam be the one to help Aaron through this tough time?

 Also, Paddy reveals to Marlon that he's hiring Rhona again so he can spend more time looking after Aaron.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Aaron's Story 26th of April 2010

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Chas apologises to Paddy for blaming him for Aaron's suicide attempt and they're relieved when Aaron finally begins to regain consciousness. The Dingles rally around for Chas and they're delighted when the doctor reveals that Aaron will be okay. Zak questions why Aaron would want to kill himself but Cain glosses over the question.

Alone, Chas tentatively tells Aaron that she doesn't care that he's gay. Aaron, however, doesn't feel the same and reveals to a distraught Paddy that nothing's changed - he wishes that he was dead.

Will Paddy and Chas be able to help Aaron? How long will it be before everyone finds out his secret?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spoiler for the week of May 3rd

Finally, Aaron notices that Paddy is falling for Chas again, and convinces her to move out of Smithy Cottage. But will the vet thank him for his interference? 

Aaron's Story 23rd of April 2010

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Part 2: Youtube Megaupload

Paddy and Chas hold vigil at Aaron's bedside, praying for him to pull through. Adam, meanwhile, is devastated to realise that his best mate was so desperate to escape his problems that he wanted to die.

On edge, a furious Chas tells Paddy it's his fault that Aaron tried to kill himself. The pair argue, before Cain intervenes them. As he does, Cain's stunned when Chas reveals that Aaron is gay.

At Aaron's bedside, Paddy refuses to accept responsibility for the suicide attempt but when Chas forces him to leave, Paddy's wracked with guilt. Will Aaron wake up and blame Paddy?

Also, the news of Aaron's suicide attempt has spread through the village and speculation is rife at why he would want to end his life.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aaron's Story 22nd of April 2010

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Aaron's in turmoil as he's charged with ABH, while Jackson refuses to listen to his excuses. Chas chastises Aaron for being a homophobic thug but she's shell-shocked when Paddy later reveals the reason behind Aaron's actions.

Later, Aaron's inconsolable when Paddy admits that he told Chas and Marlon the truth about his sexuality. With that, Aaron storms out, ignoring Paddy's pleas to face up to the truth.

Alone, Aaron's unable to cope with the prospect of everyone knowing his secret and as he locks himself in the garage, he turns on the car's engine. Will anybody find Aaron before it's too late?
As the garage fills up with smoke, Aaron drifts out of consciousness. Paddy, meanwhile, tries to reassure a concerned Chas about Aaron's situation and they're grateful when Adam offers to look for him around the village.

Noticing smoke billowing from the garage, Adam rushes across and with Cain's help they force the doors open, pulling Aaron's lifeless body from the car. Cain races to retrieve Chas and Paddy who are horrified by the situation.

Adam desperately attempts to resuscitate Aaron as they all wait for the ambulance to arrive. Will Aaron pull through?