Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aaron's Story 27th of April 2010

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Chas is gutted when she hears from Paddy that Aaron wishes he was dead. At a loss, Chas loses her temper with her son when he refuses psychiatric help. Keen to support her, Carl pushes Chas for the truth about Aaron and is stunned when she reveals that Aaron can't cope with being gay.

Concerned, Adam visits the hospital and Chas is hopeful that he'll coax Aaron to talk. Alone, Adam makes a lighthearted joke about Aaron's suicide attempt and it's clear that Aaron's happy to have him there.

However, when Chas returns, Aaron tells her that she should go home. Unable to keep calm, Chas reels at how selfish he is and leaves him to take in her words. Will Aaron listen to his mother? Will Adam be the one to help Aaron through this tough time?

 Also, Paddy reveals to Marlon that he's hiring Rhona again so he can spend more time looking after Aaron.

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  1. Cheers for uploading and maintaining this page. Best source of info anywhere.

    Don't know if you know this, but there is some great footage of the Xmas 08 episodes that bridge the gap between your 09 and 001 clips on youtube. There are 5: search emmerdale 12-25-08, or for stl29tide.