Monday, April 12, 2010

Full spoiler pics for the week of April 19th

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Monday 19th April:

Aaron worries that Adam will blow his cover
Aaron (Danny Miller) is horrified when Adam (Adam Thomas) turns up at the garage and awkwardly tells him they’re mates regardless. His hostility is palpable so Adam leaves feeling frustrated that he won’t let him help. Will Aaron open up to Adam?

Tuesday 20th April:

Adam and Paddy confide in each other about Aaron's secret
Adam’s concerned when Aaron angrily snaps at Andy (Kelvin Fletcher). When Paddy (Dominic Brunt) visits Butler’s, Adam decides to tell him about seeing Aaron kissing a man. Paddy suddenly realises why Aaron’s been so angry since that night. He points out to Adam why Aaron wouldn’t want him to know and warns Adam to honour Aaron’s wish to keep it a secret. Will Adam keep it to himself?

Wednesday 21st April:

Aaron is arrested for assaulting Jackson
Aaron is furious when Paddy tells him about Adam’s visit. At the woolpack, he awkwardly wishes Adam happy birthday but is horrified when Jackson (Marc Silcock) comes in. He reluctantly agrees to have a pint with him but is uncomfortable when Ryan (James Sutton) asks to join them. Aaron’s anxiety grows and he insists they head into town. However, when Jackson touches Aaron on the back of the neck he overreacts. Scared of being outed and with the whole bar watching Aaron punches Jackson square in the face. Back at Smithy, Paddy is at a loss when the police arrive and lead Aaron away looking terrified. Will Aaron’s secret be out?

Thursday 22nd April (Episode one):

Aaron can’t take anymore and attempts to commit suicide
Aaron is in turmoil when he is charged with ABH and Jackson refuses to give him a chance to explain. Chas (Lucy Pargeter) chastises Aaron for being a homophobic thug however she is shell-shocked when Paddy later reveals the reason Aaron did what he did. Later, Aaron is inconsolable when Paddy admits he told Chas and Marlon (Mark Charnock) the truth about his sexuality. He storms out ignoring Paddy’s pleas to face up to the truth. Alone, Aaron can’t cope with everyone knowing and as he locks himself in the garage he turns the car engine on. Will someone come to Aaron’s rescue before it’s too late?

Thursday 22nd April (Episode two):

Everyone watches in despair as Aaron fights for his life
The garage fills up with smoke as Aaron drifts out of consciousness. Meanwhile, Paddy tries to reassure worried Chas and they are grateful when Adam offers to look around the village. Adam notices smoke coming from the garage, he and Cain (Jeff Hordley) force the doors open and pull Aaron’s lifeless body from the car. Cain races to get Chas and Paddy who are horrified when he points out it looks like a suicide attempt. Adam desperately tries mouth to mouth as they all wait for the ambulance to arrive. Will Aaron pull through?

Friday 23rd April:

Chas blames Paddy for Aaron’s suicide attempt
Paddy and Chas wait at Aaron's bedside praying for him to pull through. Meanwhile, Adam is devastated to see Aaron was so desperate. On edge, Chas tells Paddy it’s his fault Aaron tried to kill himself. The pair argues before Cain interrupts and is left shocked when Chas tells him Aaron is gay. At Aaron’s beside, Paddy refuses to accept responsibility for his suicide attempt but when Chas gets angry and forces him to leave Paddy is left riddled with guilt. Will Aaron wake up and blame Paddy? Also,
The news of Aaron’s attempt on his life has spread through the village and speculation is rife at why he would want to end his life.


  1. Wow. Looks good but dramatic!

    Hope things work out. And for godz sake Aaron, stop hitting people!

  2. It looks like Aaron is going to get a rough week.

    He must be really desparated when he will take his own life. I only don't know why he choose to do it, the way he does. I mean there are a lot of other possibility's that will go faster and be more effective. The chance that he will be found in the garage, is relatively big, in my opinion. So maybe he wanted to take his own life, but also not, if you know what I mean.

    I don't think that Adam will be the one, to spread the fact that Aaron is gay around the village. He is a real friend of Aaron, and really cares about him. Conceirning he is going to look around the village for Aaron. There will also be a lot of boys who don't try mouth-to-mouth on a gay guy, but Adam did.

    Chas shows me again that she's a big failure as a mother. I mean, blaming Paddy for Aaron's suicide attempt? Paddy is not the one who let Aaron feels worthless, he is the one who really cares about him. And Aaron didn't want to come out to everyone, and what does Chas: outing him to Cain.

  3. i cant wait for this week its again going to give us some amazing acting from danny and others, i hope jackson visits aaron

  4. Terrible week for Aaron. Jackson stays in the picture but won't want to see him 'til later (after being thumped) - possibly persuaded to by Adam.
    BTW. You're doing an excellent job with this site - many thanks!!

  5. omgosh it can't stop there, plz don't lol
    *cross fingers* end gd, end gd

  6. i hope this is not
    the end for aaron and jackson

    can't wait for this week

  7. Please don't let AAron die. No Aaron = No Emmerdale. excellent acting by Danny Miller and Mark Silcock. Really want Aaron and Jackson to get together. Didn't used to like Paddy, but he's played an excellent part in the Aaron story. x

  8. Aaron doesn't die - seen him on webcam with Paddy since.

  9. what i like about this storyline is that as a viewer you have such empathy and compassion for aaron, who is essentially a homophobic thug you would usually hate. kudos to danny miller and emmerdale.
    great website, bravo!

  10. Part of me wishes they wouldnt do this suicide story sicne its so predictable. But Danny is so amazing so it will be worth it

  11. Getting Jackson back they have to be together!

  12. Can't wait for this! Hope Jackson can forgive Aaron (and that Aaron stops lashing out at people); I really like Jackson and want him to stick around, I think he and Aaron make a great couple.