Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aaron's Story 23rd of April 2010

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Paddy and Chas hold vigil at Aaron's bedside, praying for him to pull through. Adam, meanwhile, is devastated to realise that his best mate was so desperate to escape his problems that he wanted to die.

On edge, a furious Chas tells Paddy it's his fault that Aaron tried to kill himself. The pair argue, before Cain intervenes them. As he does, Cain's stunned when Chas reveals that Aaron is gay.

At Aaron's bedside, Paddy refuses to accept responsibility for the suicide attempt but when Chas forces him to leave, Paddy's wracked with guilt. Will Aaron wake up and blame Paddy?

Also, the news of Aaron's suicide attempt has spread through the village and speculation is rife at why he would want to end his life.

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  1. I just hope that when Aaron comes to he asks for Paddy. Paddy is to important to him to not be there for him.