Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aaron's Story 22nd of April 2010

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Aaron's in turmoil as he's charged with ABH, while Jackson refuses to listen to his excuses. Chas chastises Aaron for being a homophobic thug but she's shell-shocked when Paddy later reveals the reason behind Aaron's actions.

Later, Aaron's inconsolable when Paddy admits that he told Chas and Marlon the truth about his sexuality. With that, Aaron storms out, ignoring Paddy's pleas to face up to the truth.

Alone, Aaron's unable to cope with the prospect of everyone knowing his secret and as he locks himself in the garage, he turns on the car's engine. Will anybody find Aaron before it's too late?
As the garage fills up with smoke, Aaron drifts out of consciousness. Paddy, meanwhile, tries to reassure a concerned Chas about Aaron's situation and they're grateful when Adam offers to look for him around the village.

Noticing smoke billowing from the garage, Adam rushes across and with Cain's help they force the doors open, pulling Aaron's lifeless body from the car. Cain races to retrieve Chas and Paddy who are horrified by the situation.

Adam desperately attempts to resuscitate Aaron as they all wait for the ambulance to arrive. Will Aaron pull through?

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  1. I can completely identify with Aaron's fear over the possibility of being outted. Even though I knew that my friends and family would be accepting of me and my sexuality, I still couldn't shake the fear I'd still be rejected by the people I cared most about. As irrational as it was, it was very real to me and kept me in the closet for a long time.

    In Aaron's mind, he's barely had time accept it for himself, much less build the courage and confidence needed to come out. When Chas is berating him after getting home from the police station, you can see Aaron struggling to stay in control. When he learns that his secret is out, he just gives up.

    I'm continually impressed with the writing and acting. Thanks, again, Jay!