Friday, April 30, 2010

Spoilers for the week of May 10th

Check them out after the break!

Paddy is worried about Aaron this week as his court case approaches, and asks Adam to talk to him, hoping to get Aaron to change his plea. When Aaron refuses to listen to him, Adam seeks out Jackson and tells him about Aaron’s suicide attempt. Jackson’s shocked, and agrees to pay Aaron a visit.

But when the boys turn up at Smith Cottage, Aaron won’t listen to anything they have to say. Losing patience, Jackson leaves, refusing to drop the charges.

Aaron’s nervous as his day in court arrives, but he’s determined to plead guilty to assaulting Jackson and take his punishment.

Paddy and Chas are worried the judge will think it was a homophobic attack, unless Aaron comes clean and admits he’s gay.

But Aaron refuses to admit his sexuality in front of the entire court, worried about what people will think of him.

When Jackson arrives in court though, Aaron is thrown. Will he still go ahead with his plan to plead guilty?

Having a crisis of conscience, Aaron breaks down and admits that he hit Jackson because he was scared he would reveal his sexuality to everyone. Will the judge let him off the charge?

Over at the garage, John’s furious when he gets the Land Rover back and it still doesn’t start. He refuses to pay Cain until the job is done properly.


  1. I wish this was happening this week. Im glad Jackson comes back.

  2. Looks like there is no reconciliation between Aaron and Jackson such a pity!looks like most the family will know now that Aaron is gy seeing how Lisa and Zach are pictured in court.

  3. !!! HEY. i saw a car covered in mud, up to its roof, on paddys driveway, on the webcam today. What could of happened? has Aaron try to commit suicide again by driving into a river?

    Ahh, i want answers, i want to know

  4. Dave: I'm sure there'll be a reconciliation between them soon enough. If there wasn't going to be then I don't think Jackson's appearance in the courtroom would have made any difference to Aaron. He's obviously got feelings for him. I prefer a slow burn anyway because lets face it, 5 minutes after they get together, there'll be some massive drama and a breakup and Jackson will probably be gone.

  5. Anonymous:I hope you are right.I don't know how the whole court thing works if Jackson had of dropped the charge would Aaron of got off?or is it the case if it's abh jacksons input is irrelevant?plus I think a little more should have been done on the whole arrest it wasn't clear that Jackson pressed charges.