Sunday, April 04, 2010

P. Diddy is an Aaron fan?!

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GANGSTA rap star P Diddy has been outed as a huge Emmerdale soap fan.

Actor Danny Miller has revealed how his character - gay Aaron Livesy, part of the show's Dingle farming dynasty - is the bling US star's favourite.

Danny, 19, claims the Bad Boy Records boss - real name Sean Combs, 40 - has the ITV programme on pre-record so he never misses a single episode.

Now he plans to tempt the Come With Me star into a cameo appearance by playing one of his hits in the background of a BEDROOM scene between Aaron and his new boyfriend Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock).


Danny told The Sun: "One of the girls who works at Emmerdale has also just done a trailer with P Diddy and he told her he's a massive fan of Emmerdale - and Aaron.

"We couldn't believe it. We have all been talking about it. It's unbelievable that such a high class rapper is a fan of Emmerdale.

"I want to get P Diddy in Emmerdale. He mentioned it out of the blue and said: 'I love Emmerdale'."

As a special treat for the rapper, the show's directors are planning to start regularly playing P Diddy's music in the background.

Danny added: "We've just done this scene in the bedroom and we're going to get one of his songs put on."

Upcoming scenes see Aaron face up to his sexuality as he gets together with Jackson after meeting in a gay bar.

But he is scared his Uncle Zak and grandad Shadrach will find out.

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