Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full spoilers and pics for the week of May 3rd

Monday 3rd May

Chas and Paddy are relaxed in each other’s company at Smithy. However, it doesn’t go unnoticed and when Aaron catches them play fighting he’s concerned having Chas there is bringing back fond memories for Paddy.

Tuesday 4th May 

Paddy’s is defensive when Aaron notices his growing affection for Chas. Not wanting Paddy to get hurt, Aaron kindly convinces Chas its time for her to move out. She tentatively smiles when he suggests she could still pop by. Later, Paddy is saddened as he realises he’s been “found out” but lets him down gently.

Thursday 6th May

Aaron is trying to get back to normality as he walks Clyde for the first time. However, as he stops at the bottom of the garage drive he tenses. Adam encourages him to go see Cain and Ryan. Before he can think twice, Cain tells him to come up for a brew. He smiles, enjoying being back to familiar territory.

Friday 7th May 

Chas is anxious when Cain tells her Aaron will be starting back at work tomorrow. She asks him not to let on he knows about Aaron’s sexuality. Chas confides her worries to Paddy who assures her it will be good for Aaron.

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