Saturday, April 10, 2010

New spoiler pics from the week of April 19th

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Aaron's like a red rag to a bull when Jackson touches him on the shoulder in public, causing him to violently lash out.

It's the day of Adam's birthday and Aaron nervously enjoys a drink in The Woolpack with Jackson, Ryan and the birthday boy. Aaron's clearly uncomfortable with the situation and the opportunity to escape the confines of the pub soon presents itself when Jackson insists that they head off into town.

Reluctantly agreeing to go, Aaron goes to head out when Jackson touches him on the shoulder. Frightened that the locals may have seen the gesture, Aaron squares up to Jackson and punches him square in the face.

The punters are stunned by Aaron's apparently homophobic outburst, while Aaron returns home to Smithy where Paddy is furious at his surrogate son's actions...


  1. I can' believe he hits Jackson the only one who understands him.I'm not watching this episode it annoys me.The police charge him so does that mean Jackson presses charges?I was hoping these two would end up together but doesn't look like it now.Guess Jackson is written out.I really like the fact the ain't the usual flamboyant gay stereo type couple on tv soaps.

  2. I am not going to watch for approximately month, until I here it gets better.
    I do not want to see Jackson treated so badly.

    If they created the character of Jackson just to be a punching bag for Aaron and then have him leave, I do not think I could handle this storyline.

    But Carsten did forgive Lenny for a lot more, so it is possible.

  3. This is really too much! And what is it gonna prove? We already know Aaron can be aggresive and violent. Such a reasonable guy as Jackson shouldn't come back to person who punched him for who he was. And apparently this would be the end of Aaron's positive future. It might be used as a reason to be questioned by the police and then to get depressed and eventually in that terrible suicide attempt, but all those steps are not a good example to follow for lads with similar problems to Aaron's. Should be resolved in different way.

  4. I really can't believe they introduced Jackson so Aaron can slap him around.I guess their story ain't going anywhere now.Why would Jackson want to get back with violent person like Aaron.I think the should of just left it at Aaron meeting Jackson and learning to come to terms with himself rather than go over board with the suicide plot.Disappointed with this story line now.

  5. What is he thinking? Of course we have to see the episode, to see it all in a it's context, but I really don't understand Aaron right now. Jackson is a sweet, lovely guy who want to help him figuring out who he is and what he wants. The obviously both like eachother, and then he does something like this!

    So Jackson puts his hand on Aaron's while nobody else is at the table. And why would people care about that fact. When Adam would do the same thing, I guess nobody would care. Just a friend that touch another friends arm (or in this case hand), to say he's leaving. It happens all the time, but ofcourse like I said before, I have to see the context of it.

    For now, I think this will be the end of Jackson. It will be really hard for Jackson to forgive Aaron, and I don't think it will happen, but we will see.

  6. I'm surprised by all these comments. By your logic, Paddy should have kicked Aaron out for beating him up, too. Yet, no one thinks any less of Paddy for sticking by Aaron and trying to help him through his struggle to accept himself and his sexuality.

    The show would be doing its audience a disservice by facilitating Aaron's coming out in any other way. First of all, this is completely within character for him. And secondly, the process of coming out involves massive fear of rejection, even within the most supportive of environments. Aaron resorts to violence as a means for self preservation, and it looks like he'll be turning the violence towards himself very soon. Aaron's anger will dissipate once he moves beyond his feelings of self-loathing and learns to accept himself. In Friday's and today's episode, we've seen glimpses of who Aaron can be when he allows himself to be happy, and it's beautiful.

    For someone who claims to understand what Aaron is going through, Jackson hasn't been particularly patient with Aaron. I suspect the suicide attempt will open his eyes to just how much Aaron is struggling. I can see Jackson forgiving Aaron and giving their relationship another chance.

    Personally, I feel this storyline is authentic, very dramatic, and brave, and I'm eager to see how it all plays out.

    Jason, I came across your blog and YouTube channel this weekend, and it's fantastic! Thanks for chronicling this storyline, especially for someone like me does not have access to Emmerdale any other way. Bravo!