Friday, May 21, 2010

Spoilers for the week of May 30th

Jackson's delighted when Declan offers him a job, helping to carry out building work on his new property.

But when Jackson discovers that Adam put in a good word for him, he assumes Aaron is behind it. Confronting his ex, Jackson tells him to keep his nose out of his business. 


  1. like jackson and aaron seen each other a couple of times and had one little good night kiss- how does that make him aaron's "ex" ? duh....

  2. Hey just wondering where u get these spoilers and pics from?

  3. erm, how long are they going to run this Jackson being annoyed with Aaron thing!!!Either let it fizzle out and get rid of Jackson or develop the story.And yes why the hell do keep referring to Jackson as his ex.If I was to refer to every girl I was with after night out as an EX that would be STRANGE! who write this stuff!!

  4. Definately....can't be an 'ex' that fast...they just went out a couple

    I don't care for the Jackson + Aaron dynamic anyway....I didn't really feel any chemistry between the two....Let em move on and develop a real love interest for Aaron (eventually...after he's had a chance to get comfortable being himself!!)
    Never understood 'instant boyfriends' !!