Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aaron's Story 13th of May 2010

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Chas makes a last-ditch attempt to persuade Aaron to change his guilty plea but he's adamant about his decision and heads to court alone.

In the courtroom, Aaron's filled with warmth when he looks up to see the public gallery full of his friends and family. He's stumped, though, when he sees Jackson wander in.

The magistrate suggests that the case goes no as they have a guilty plea but asks the court if there is any further research. Feeling the pressure, Aaron looks up and sees the pain etched on his Paddy and Chas's faces. Will Aaron save himself by confessing the truth?

Following his revelation, Aaron's surprised when the court decides that he should be given a 150-hour community order as opposed to a custodial sentence.

Later, celebrating at Smithy, Adam lightly teases Aaron but it's clear that he's disappointed about Jackson leaving. Adam tries to assure Aaron that he did the right thing but it's clear that he's full of fear and regret as he begins to question whether he just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Can Aaron move on now everyone knows his secret? Or will he regret coming out?


  1. Thanks so much Jay for posting these - especially for those of us in the US who wouldn't otherwise be able to see this amazing storyline. How great is that Scott Neal from A Beautiful Thing (and The Bill) was his defense attorney (Solicitor?).

  2. This was an amazing episode, thanks for uploading!

    Glad I'm not the only one who spotted Scott Neal too!