Monday, May 10, 2010

Aaron's Story 10th of May 2010

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Aaron refuses to meet with his solicitor and instead heads to work at the garage. Cain, however, worries that it's too much too soon when Aaron suffers a dizzy spell.

Later, Chas and Paddy despair as Aaron refuses to admit that he's gay, even if there's a remote possibility that it could save him from a prison sentence. With that, Paddy quietly asks Adam to talk to him.

Adam locates Jackson and asks him to drop the charges against Aaron but he's initially evasive. He's shocked, though, when Adam reveals Aaron's suicide attempt.

Arriving at Smithy, Adam and Jackson knock on the door but Aaron tries to slam it in their faces. Aaron's furious and offers no kindness to Jackson, who quickly loses patience. Adam's incredulous at Aaron's stubbornness and exclaims that he just threw away his last chance of putting everything right.

Who'll stop Aaron as he continues on his road to self-destruction? Will Jackson give Aaron another chance?

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