Friday, May 14, 2010

Spoilers for the week of May 24th

Aaron starts his community payback, and finds himself on the receiving end of some homophobic jibes from criminal Wayne.


Eager to get the lad off his back, Aaron pretends that he only made up the story about being gay to get a more lenient sentence from the judge.

But Wayne doesn't believe him, and pushes poor Aaron into the lake. Will Aaron stand up to this bully? 

And the week gets worse for Aaron when he persuades Adam to go to a gay bar with him, and the lads spot Jackson chatting up another guy.

Aaron approaches his ex to apologise for everything that's happened. But he's gutted when Jackson tells him there's no chance of a reconciliation, and watches on as he kisses his new man.

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  1. Eh hello! Are the writers trying to send Aaron suicidal again?First the story comes out in paper, next he gets bullied and now Jackson rejects him again!!!! Give the guy a break when we going to see some happiness for him, I'm sick of seeing him pissed off