Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Full spoilers and pics for the week of May 25th

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Tuesday 25th May 

Paddy (Dominic Brunt) urges Marlon (Mark Charnock) to ask Rhona (Zoe Henry) out for a drink.

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is eager to support Aaron (Danny Miller) but Carl is struggling to feign concern and Chas is becoming impatient with him.

Adam (Adam Thomas) insists Aaron can’t hide at Paddy’s forever and offers to go to a gay bar together, Aaron appreciates the gesture but isn’t sure he’s ready.

Wednesday 26th May

Aaron arranges to go to a gay bar with Adam.
Aaron (Danny Miller) starts his community payback, and soon realises that it’s going to be harder to fit in than he originally thought. Adam (Adam Thomas) recognizes he has had a tough day, and offers to go on a night out with him tomorrow.

Thursday 27th May (ep 1) 

Aaron gets bullied for being gay
At community payback, Aaron (Danny Miller) is thrown when Wayne asks him about being gay; relaying that he read about him in the paper. Aaron firmly denies and claims he only said he was gay to get a lighter sentence. He shocks himself at the depths he’ll go to avoid being “found out”. Wayne encourages him to go chat up some girls if what he says is true.
When Aaron crashes and burns with the girls, Wayne is amused. Later, as Wayne and Aaron fix a fence together, Wayne reveals he doesn’t believe Aaron is straight, and shoves the fence post, causing Aaron to fall back into the water. Will Aaron take his revenge on Wayne? 

Thursday 27th May (ep 2) 

Aaron feels more isolated than ever
Aaron’s (Danny Miller) humiliated after his fall into the lake, but when Gary intervenes, Aaron claims his fall was only an accident caused by him tripping up. Wayne smirks as Aaron is forced to go and get changed into dry clothes. Adam (Adam Thomas) is sorry to hear Aaron’s had a rough time but insists all the more reason to go out. They head to bar west, and Adam insists it’s not as bad as Aaron thought it would be. Aaron agrees that Adam’s right, until he spots Jackson (Marc Silcock). When Aaron tries to apologise to Jackson, he firmly points out that he isn’t interested and that he would never want to be with someone violent like Aaron. Later, as he and Adam leave, Aaron is gutted to see Jackson kissing another guy. Can Aaron convince Jackson to give him another chance?

Friday 28th May

Aaron struggles with last’s night rejection
Aaron (Danny Miller) is in despair after last nights let down with Jackson (Marc Silcock). Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Ryan (James Sutton) refuse to let up as they continue to tease him. He finally allows himself a laugh when Cain points out a sexy male calendar he bought for him. 


  1. Damn. Brutal storyarc. Emmerdale definitely knows how to keep the drama up.

  2. Oh Jackson don't give up on Aaron yet!! I'm so hooked on this story it's verging on pathetic!

  3. am i the only one that finds jackson rather fugly. i'd put more time making ABSOLUTELY sure adam isn't a bit bi? i'm sure aaron can do a whole lot better than jackson, the first out gay man he ever met/kissed.

  4. isn't it about time that gareth thomas came to emmerdale and coincidentally beat the crap out of wayne. yowza...