Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aaron's Story 27th of May 2010

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As Aaron continues with his community service, he's thrown when Wayne asks him about being gay, relaying that he read about him in the paper.

Aaron firmly denies Wayne's suggestion, insisting that he only claimed he was gay in the hope that the judge would issue a lighter sentence. Still denying that he's gay, Aaron shocks himself at the depths he'll go in order to avoid being 'found out' in the wider world.

Wayne encourages Aaron to chat up a group of girls if what he says is true. Wayne's amused, though, when Aaron crashes and burns under pressure.

Later, as Wayne and Aaron fix a fence, Wayne's adamant that he doesn't believe that Aaron's straight. With that, Wayne shoves the fence post into Aaron, causing him to fall back into the water. Will Aaron take his revenge on Wayne? 

Aaron's humiliated after falling into the lake but when Gary intervenes, Aaron claims that his fall was an accident as he tripped backwards. Wayne smirks as Aaron's forced to change into dry clothes. Back in the village, Adam's sorry to hear that Aaron's had a rough time at community service but insists that they now have more reason to go out.

The pair head to Bar West and Adam points out that the evening's not as bad as Aaron thought it would be. Aaron reluctantly agrees - until he spots Jackson.

When Aaron tries to apologise to Jackson for what happened between them, Jackson's firm - he isn't interested and would never want to be with someone who's violent.

As Adam and Aaron prepare to leave, Aaron's gutted to see Jackson kissing another guy. Will Aaron be able to convince Jackson to give him another chance?

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