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Spoilers for the week 28 12th to16th of July

Monday 12th July – Friday 16th July

5652 Monday 12th July

Natasha finally buckles as Will goes missing
Natasha (Amanda Donohoe) is furious when Will (Oscar Lloyd) doesn’t come home from school. When Cain (Jeff Hordley) finally drops Will off Natasha is worried at what might he is capable of and buckles under the pressure. Will Natasha pay up? Is this the end to her murderous secret?
Diane is determined to hurry through the sale of the pub
Keen to sell the pub and start her life with Charlie (George Costigan), Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) decides to lower the price determined to make it happen as soon as possible.
Maisie realises she’ll have to fight for Nikhil’s affections
Maisie (Alice Coulthard) worries to Katie (Sammy Winward) and Adele (Tanya Vital) that Nikhil’s (Rik Makarem) still not made a move on her.
• Things are still tense between Carl (Tom Lister) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) but Carl enjoys Eve’s (Suzanne Shaw) attention as light relief
• Viv (Deena Payne) agrees to let Bob (Anthony Audenshaw) take the twins to Newquay

Tuesday 13th July (hour ep)

Natasha pays off Cain and decides to confess
Natasha caves in and gives a smug Cain the money which she insists is a one time deal, but Cain knows there’s more where that came from. Back at Home Farm, Natasha crumbles, knowing if Cain doesn’t discover her secret someone else will. Nathan is worried to see her losing it and assures her they can do this together. But Natasha can’t take the lies any longer and decides she’s giving up the fight and will confess her sins. Nathan desperately tries to convince Natasha she’s making the wrong decision – it will tear apart her family if they learn she killed him Mark. However, Natasha can’t live the lie any longer – she’s tried but the truth will out one way or another and she wants to be in control.

Nikhil reveals his secret
Nikhil is annoyed when it seems Maisie has been talking to half the village about being unable to get close to him and when he confronts her she’s gutted to realise it’s over before it’s even begun. Later, Nikhil hits the roof when he overhears gossiping on the factory floor about his love life and storms home to cool down. When Jai arrives home, Nikhil finds the courage to confide in him. Jai’s stunned when Nikhil reveals the reason he’s reluctant to spend the night with Maisie, but urges him not to lose her over this. Will Nikhil tell Maisie the truth?

Carl struggles to resist Eve’s tempting touch
Chas and Carl are still struggling to get along and Carl takes a long distance driving job that’ll take him away for a few days. Eve continues to flirt and as she tells him how much she’s enjoyed working with him, the chemistry between them is palpable – Carl knows he needs to leave if he’s going to resist her.

Aaron hates lying to Adam about Holly’s drug habit
Aaron catches Holly trying to buy drugs from Roz outside the pub and is annoyed when she tells him she’s got it under control. He wrestles with conscience over whether to tell Adam. Meanwhile, Holly’s tempted to steal money from the till in the pub.

• Holly is bored with her cleaning job and is thrilled when Adam takes pity and gives her some money so she quickly calls Roz
• Andy and Adele get closer and she talks about moving in with Katie and Gennie.

Wednesday 14th July

Holly steals Scarlett’s purse to buy coke
Adele throws an impromptu housewarming party at Victoria Cottage and Holly goes with Adam but is bored when it’s not the kind of party she’s used to. She finds Scarlett’s purse and steals it, and suggests to Roz that they head off into town for a night out. Holly’s throws away the purse to make it look like Scarlett lost it. Roz is uncertain. Having seen Holly dispose of the purse a fuming Aaron confronts Holly. Furious that he’s been covering for her, he tells Adam his sister is a druggie and a thief. Adam is rocked by the news and leaves Holly panicking while he decides what to do.

Natasha gets her house in order to go to the police
Nathan can’t change Natasha’s mind and she tries to remain calm as she prepares ‘the last supper’ with the family, where she’s planning on confessing her sins to them. Nathan’s stunned as she reveals she’s made plans to safeguard their futures and asks him to be Will’s guardian. As the evening approaches she decides she wants one perfect night with her children and resolves to tell them in the morning.

Nikhil is determined to deal with his problem alone
Jai feels bad that he hasn’t been close enough to his brother for him to confide in him earlier.

Thursday 15th July

Natasha goes to the police station ready to confess
Natasha sits outside the police station in turmoil, but steels herself as she makes her way into the station to confess. Nathan arrives just as Natasha is walking in and pleads with her to stop. Will Nathan get through to his mother or will she remain determined and confess her murderous sin to the police?

Adam tries to get Holly to confess her drug problem to her parents
Aaron forces Holly to give Scarlett her wallet back and when Adam sees her lie her way out of another situation, he’s furious and demands she tell their parents about her problem. Horrified when John and Moira walk in on their argument, Holly silently implores Adam to keep quiet.

Diane resolves to get a loan to pay for the chateau
Doug tries to clear the air with Diane, but she doesn’t want to hear it and tells him Charlie was hiding something – the fact that he’s dying. Meanwhile, with no interest in the pub, Diane is worried they’re wasting valuable time and decides to visit the bank about getting a loan out against the pub.

Thursday 15th July part 2

Will Natasha confess?
Natasha is moved by Nathan’s plea but when he tells her someone else can take the blame, but she thinks it’s a ridiculous suggestion. Nathan implores her not to abandon her family, but will Natasha listen?

Adam refuses to have any sympathy for Holly
Conflicted, Adam lies to his parents and backs up Holly’s story that she was drunk last night. Later, as she bemoans the sorry state of her life, he tells her to clean up her act.

Diane’s determined to look to the future with Charlie
Diane has got the loan sorted and she and Charlie decide to leave for France next week.

• Marlon and Rhona try to encourage a despondent Shadrach to make the most of the time he has left and rebuild relationships with his family

Friday 16th July

Nathan deals with the fallout from Natasha’s decision

Marlon fails to make Shadrach see sense
Lizzie persuades Marlon that Shadrach doesn’t need babysitting so sends him on his date with Rhona. However, he’s upset to return and find Shadrach has been drinking again.

Holly’s furious when Adam and Aaron approach Roz
Aaron and Adam take it upon themselves to talk to Roz about Holly. Holly rails at Adam to back off and insists she needs him to trust her and she needs her friends. 


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