Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jackson delivers some surprise news to Aaron

Spoilers after the Jump!

From DS:

Coming up in Emmerdale, Jackson delivers some surprise news to Aaron - explaining that Paddy has agreed to let him and mum Hazel (played by Pauline Quirke) stay at Smithy for a while.

Aaron appears less than impressed by the news, and soon quizzes Paddy about why he made the offer.

As Hazel gets to know Aaron, it's not long before she's experienced his moody ways and she starts to wonder what her son sees in the mechanic.

Could the situation cause problems for Aaron and Jackson?

These scenes air on Thursday, August 12 at 8pm on ITV1.


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  1. Hey, I don't even want to know that Jackson delivers some surprise news for Aaron. That's a spoiler, too!
    It would be more fun to say "Don't miss this episode, the boys are in it big time!" ... If that is the case, of course.
    Thanks for the good work, as always. A great blog.. and an essential blog. But I refuse to look at the above pics!!