Friday, July 16, 2010

Aaron's Story 16th of July 2010

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Aaron and Adam take it upon themselves to talk to Roz about Holly. Holly rails at Adam to back off and insists that she needs him to trust her - and that whatever happens, she needs her friends.

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  1. So what's behind the "Eeww" response to Adam's good looks and all this blokey banter about work and pubs? Meanwhile, dialogue between Aaron and Adam now appears to consist entirely of breathy sighs, murmurs and glances. Have they been picking up the wrong scripts?

    This is an amazing blog. Thanks for all the work that goes into it. "You're a star."

  2. Given that Aaron and Adam's conversations consist entirely of 'what are we going to do about my cokehead sister?' style rubbish, the sighs and murmurs, and shifty glances are entirely apt.
    And I'd take a wild guess that the 'eww' is a reaction to finding his best mate attractive. The writers are probably just trying to hammer that home given that some people can't seem to process that Aaron's feelings for Adam were nothing more than a crush that has long since passed. Danny Miller said himself that Aaron was over whatever he felt for Adam in an interview he did months ago.
    Now it would be nice for Aaron and Jackson to have a scene alone together that has nothing to do with the dull Barton's or his mother's love life.

  3. Yes, a scene between Jackson and Aaron that is as tender and delicately handled as Adam and Aaron's boiling-a-kettle moment is a little overdue. I thought Adam (the actor) put in a bravura performance - so good that Danny Miller appeared slightly unnerved by it (which is a rare event).
    I am not sure the writers are quite as adept and subtle as suggested. The majority of scenes are now ending with "a big sigh" - a lazy device that made EastEnders unwatchable 20 years ago. However, the previous contributor is obviously right about the "Eww" - I get it now, so thanks for that.