Friday, July 23, 2010

Early Spoilers for the week 31 August 2nd through 6th

Check them out after the jump!

The hunt for Mark Wylde's murderer takes a shocking twist this week, when a gold chain belonging to Ryan is found near the site where the body was dug up.

At the garage, the cops explain that they're taking Ryan in for questioning, leaving the mechanic stunned – he knows nothing about his dad's murder.
Up at the Dingle homestead, the grieving clan gather to say a fond farewell to poor Shadrach following his recent passing.
It's an emotional day for Shadrach's daughters, Chas and Gennie. But at least they have the rest of their family to lean on in their time of need.
Meanwhile, Adam is suspicious when he sees Holly hanging out with Roz again, and berates her for still being friends with the druggie.
Seeing the girls flaked out on the sofa, Adam suspects they have taken something. Have they been up to their old tricks again?


  1. Just a thought: I think it would be great if these spoilers where reached by a link. Personally, it really does spoil my enjoyment of the series to see how upcoming stories are going to pan out. As they are on the home page, they are difficult to avoid!
    And btw I love the stills picked from recent episodes - someone has an unerring ability to capture Aaron's entertaining/cute expressions. So thanks for those!

  2. Where is Jackson? He is not there to support his boyfriend at Shadrach's funeral.

  3. That said, where's Paddy? and Marlon, for that matter.

  4. Thanks for the ...erm... jump!