Sunday, July 25, 2010

Danny finds romance with co-star

 Update: From Danny Miller's Twitter (@dannymiller19): Hates paper talk and lies for money.... Congratulations whoever you are on your successful incorrect statements... Check the facts!!!!! 

 From News of the World: 

Head over Dales

Danny falls for co-star Kirsty

HEAD OVER HEELS: Danny as Aaaron Livesy in the Dales
HEAD OVER HEELS: Danny as Aaaron Livesy in the Dales

DISHY Danny Miller, who plays Emmerdale mechanic Aaron Livesy, has found wheel-life love with new co-star Kirsty Leigh Porter.

We can reveal the pair are smitten - despite Kirsty only arriving on set as drug-dealing wild child Roz Fielding in late April.
Danny's romance with the pretty 21-year-old will dismay his army of male admirers who love his portrayal of the village's gay motorhead.
Last night a source revealed: "Danny and Kirsty are head over heels in love.
"They had been keeping it quiet until they were sure their feelings were strong."
Danny, 19, lives in Manchester with co-star Adam Thomas but has just bought his first house.
But a friend added: "It's early days for Kirsty to be moving in with Danny. But they're spending every waking moment together so who knows in the future?"



  1. If you go on Twitter and talk about all the time you are spending with "Kirsty" or "Kirst" and how you have gone out with her to Pizza Hut and then "taken her to the station in the morning" before going to work; and if, as last night, you talk about "the girl I am seeing", you had better not be a soap actor with 10,000 Twitter followers playing alongside someone pretty called Kirsty...
    Or am I missing the point about the name Twit-ter?
    TV soaps and the red tops can't survive without each other.

    PS. Danny Miller is STILL the best thing since sliced bread.

  2. What does he expect, he's been banging on about her on twitter, grow up Danny, you cant throw your toys out the pram it's your own fault, !!!

  3. Bitch! It's a disgrace. Is he bi then?

  4. Dont worry guys, I think it's all a front, Danny is as gay as Aaron, he just doesn't want to admit it yet !!!

  5. Personally I'm sick of Miller's whining, boo hoo poor you, if you dont like the attention get a proper job you loser, oh and stay off twitter, what a pratt.