Monday, September 27, 2010

Spoilers for the week of October 4th

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Monday 4th October

Aaron struggles to bury his resentment towards Jackson
The atmosphere starts to thaw between Aaron and Jackson but it’s clear there is still tension when Aaron feels patronised as Jackson congratulates him taming his temper recently.

Wednesday 6th October (hour long episode)

The van collides with an oncoming train
Still awkward with one another, Jackson is pleased when Aaron asks him on a night out. Paddy and Marlon also arrange a lad’s night and tag along with the Aaron and Jackson much to Aaron’s annoyance. The boys are amused by Paddy and Marlon’s reaction when they realise they are going to a gay bar. To save getting a taxi, Jackson offers to drive. However, in a terrible twist of fate, disaster strikes later that night when they lose control of the vehicle and crash onto a train track. As an oncoming train smashes into the car, one man’s life is left hanging in the balance. All four men get in the car that evening but one man will be left in jeopardy. Will it be hapless Marlon who has finally found love with Rhona? Might it be Paddy who has been Aaron’s rock throughout the trials and tribulations of the last year? Could it be Jackson who has just confessed the depth of his feelings for Aaron? Or will Aaron be the one to meet a tragic and untimely fate?

Thursday 7th October (episode one)

From ITV:  The aftermath of the collision
We will not be revealing which character is left with injuries after the collision, therefore will not be supplying any information on this storyline until after the episode airs on Wednesday 6th October.

Thursday 7th October (episode two)

The collision leaves one man’s life hanging in the balance

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