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Full spoilers for the week of September 20th

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5713 Monday 20th September

Aaron sells a dodgy car to a well known thug
It’s Aaron’s lucky day when Mickey arrives in the village and takes a shine to Aaron’s dodgy fiesta. Aaron’s chuffed when he manages to sell the car to him. However, Mickey soon returns to the village and confronts Aaron about the clocked car. Aaron refuses to give in and as Mickey saunters off it’s clear this isn’t over yet.

John and Moira pay lying Holly a surprise visit
John and Moira decide to pay Holly a visit at the address she gave them. Dishevelled, she lets them in and Moira’s doubtful when she says she’s fine. The atmosphere is tense as John and Moira try to remain cheerful. Moira questions Holly about her living arrangements but Holly is defensive and feeds them another lie. Later, Holly’s boyfriend Dan arrives home and offers her a wrap, she regards it with temptation. It’s clear Holly isn’t clean at all and that Dan isn‘t helping, will John and Moira find out eventually?

Bob’s oblivious to Lizzie’s affection
Marlon is excited by the spark between Bob and Lizzie and teases Lizzie about her crush. He tries to persuade her to ask Bob out. Later, Bob agrees to go for a drink with Lizzie unaware that she thinks it’s a date.

• Rodney and Terry are amused when the mystery parcel turns out to be a studded dog collar and it belongs to Mickey
• Gennie and Katie tease Adele about still liking Andy when Adele questions Katie about her relationship with him
• Alicia finds a school for Jacob, confirming that she intends to stick around

5714 Tuesday 21st September

Katie realises she’s the reason for Andy’s pent up anger
Katie continues to help Andy and refuses to let him skip his counseling session so she insists on going along with him. Katie waits outside whilst Andy’s counselor gets started, Andy’s mood darkens when his counselor asks him to revisit past girlfriends. When Andy comes out he storms straight past Katie leaving her confused. She’s completely shocked when he blames her for everything but Katie refuses to leave his house until they talk. Meanwhile, Charity has bought Sarah round but Andy’s anger doesn’t subside. He’s frustrated when Katie refuses to accept responsibility for his problems and throws a cup against the wall.

Mickey is on the warpath but Aaron refuses to pay
Mickey insists he’ll be out of his life if he gets his refund but Aaron decides to front it out on the advice of Cain and tells Mickey to get lost. Meanwhile, Chas and Jackson worry about Aaron’s run in with Mickey and Chas threatens Cain to watch out for Aaron.

Hazel drops Lizzie in it with Bob
Marlon helps Lizzie prepare for her date whilst Bob remains oblivious. At the pub, Marlon and Hazel observe from afar and Hazel isn’t convinced they share a spark. When Bob returns to the bar, Hazel lets slip that Lizzie thinks it’s a date.

• Ryan is intrigued when Faye tells him Abi always had a word with her about him when Faye visits. Later, when Abi brings Ryan some snacks it’s clear there is an attraction between them

5715 Wednesday 22nd September

Andy tries to sort things with Katie
Andy tries to make it up to Sarah for what she saw last night by showering her with treats. Later, Katie turns up at Andy’s to give him a chance to talk, she’s sympathetic when he goes through all the mistakes he’s made in the past. As the emotions run high, Katie and Andy find themselves clinched in a moment of passion and revisit familiar ground when they end up in bed together.

Aaron’s quietly planning his revenge on Mickey
No prizes for guessing who was responsible when Rodney and Terry discover their Mercedes and taxi office has been viciously vandalised as well as all the cars on the garage forecourt. Cain turns on Aaron and is fuming he’s let it get this far. Aaron remains firm in not backing down, however he tries to look convincing when he tells Jackson and Paddy he will refund Mickey. Is Aaron in over his head?

Eve is unnerved to interrupt Chas and Carl
Eve is tempted by Carl when he insinuates they continue the affair, however when she arrives home at lunch to surprise him she is disturbed when Chas comes downstairs in a dressing gown. It’s clear Eve’s interrupted their afternoon of passion and Eve is left stunned by her sudden jealousy and feelings for Carl. Has Eve fallen for the wrong guy?

• Charity dissuades Cain from confronting Andy when Sarah reveals Andy scared her by losing his temper
• Abi warns Ryan about a surprise search later so to hide the crisp packets she gave him, as she searches him they share secret glances

5716 Thursday 23rd September (ep 1)

Aaron’s bid to stand up to Mickey goes horribly wrong
Aaron tries to intimidate Mickey when he heads round to his house with Clyde the dog and threatens him to stay away. Mickey reluctantly concedes to let things go leaving Aaron triumphant. Later, Mickey turns up outside Smithy and realising noone is looking he gets his ferocious looking dog out of the car. Hearing a bark, Mickey heads down the side of the house with his dog straining on his lead. The angry looking dog looks desperate to get Clyde. Will Mickey get caught before it’s too late?

Katie urges Andy to understand last night was a mistake
Katie arrives home in last night’s clothes and lies to Adele that she spent the night with Declan. Meanwhile, Diane warns Andy to be careful when he tells her about his night with Katie. When Diane sees Katie she suggests she tell Andy the truth after Katie confirms she can’t get into a relationship with Andy. Will Andy feel the same?

Eve and Edna tentatively reconcile
Edna brings Eve the final divorce papers from her husband James and notices that Eve is upset. Eve confides to Edna about her ‘married man’ and Edna insists she cares about Eve and doesn’t want to see her hurt. She asks Eve to move back in but Eve can’t bring herself to move out of Carl’s. Meanwhile, Carl is frustrated by Eve’s persistent abstinence.

• Bob’s awkward when Lizzie suggests another date, he just rushes out instead of coming clean. Later spurred on by Hazel, Bob is honest with Lizzie who tries hard to hide her devastation

5717 Thursday 23rd September (ep 2)

Aaron loses Clyde and Jackson through his own stupidity
Aaron is gobsmacked when he finds Cylde in such a state. When Pearl mentions seeing Mickey with a dog earlier Aaron is hell bent on revenge. Jackson stops Aaron going after Mickey but is worried when Paddy reveals things don’t look good for Clyde. Later, Aaron’s devastated when Paddy has to give Clyde the injection. Helpless, Paddy pulls heartbroken Aaron into him as he sobs at the loss of his dog. Will this teach Aaron a lesson or will he seek revenge?

Eve wants to cool things for a while with Carl
Eve is touched when Edna offers to cook her tea, she reluctantly agrees to meet Carl after. Meanwhile, Carl storms out when suspicious Jimmy questions him about his relationship with Eve. Later, Eve informs Carl she is returning to France for a while so she can sort things with her ex and give them some space.

Justin arrives to win Alicia back
Leyla’s worried when she lets slip to Justin that Alicia is staying with her. He swiftly arrives in the village to see Jacob and talk to Alicia. Meanwhile, Leyla’s anxious about explaining it all to David when he returns. When Justin leaves, Alicia informs Leyla that she and Jacob will leave before David comes back.

• Rhona is torn when she has to go meet Marlon but wants to help Paddy with Clyde
• Lizzie is clearly hurt after Bob revealed he wasn’t interested

5718 Friday 24th September

Leyla can’t bear to see Alicia and Jacob go
Leyla spends the day with Jacob whilst Alicia tries to sort somewhere else to go however it is clear Leyla has got used to having her son around and is desperate for him and Alicia to stay. Meanwhile, David returns and demands that Leyla tell him what’s really going on. Alicia quickly spills the beans to avoid anymore confusion and David is left completely stumped. Devastated that Leyla has lied to him for so long, David isn’t sure he can be with her anymore. Is this it for Leyla and David?

Clyde was the final straw for Jackson
Jackson’s had enough of Aaron’s vendetta against Mickey and decides to move into Andy’s. Aaron tries to make amends but when Jackson tells him he thrives on confrontation he storms out. His anger building, Aaron decides he needs to get Mickey back for what he’s done.

Jimmy is onto Carl about Eve
Carl tries to steal a moment alone with Eve before she leaves but Chas interrupts as Eve gets in her taxi. Later, Carl is batting insinuations when Jimmy warns him Chas isn’t one to be crossed. Carl knows his card’s been marked but just can’t help himself.

• Doug finds himself offloading his worries about Leyla onto Diane. She’s saddened when he abruptly excuses himself

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