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Full spoilers for the week of September 13th

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5707 Monday 13th September

Declan confronts Natasha, accusing Nathan of murder
Nathan is worried about Natasha and Declan’s relationship and tells Natasha he’s using her to get information. Meanwhile, Declan confides in Nikhil that he can see a future with Natasha is he can get rid of Nathan. Later, Nathan confronts Declan who quickly shows him whose boss and floors Nathan when he tries to punch him. Arriving at Home Farm, he tells Natasha everything he knows and asks her to come clean, when Natasha denies everything he tells her they’re finished.

A betrayed Moira decides its time for tough love and changes the locks
John is furious when he finds Adam changing the locks under Moira’s instruction. However, Moira makes John see the implications and admits the Holly she knew doesn’t exist anymore and she has no right to be in their house after what she’s done.

Eve refuses to sleep with Carl under Chas’s roof
Eve is upset about having to lie to Edna and is uncomfortable at Mill Cottage having to witness Chas and Carl all over each other. When Chas is out of sight, he makes advances on Eve who’s appalled and insists this wont be happening under Chas’s roof. Meanwhile, Edna confides to Chas about Eve’s money problems and asks her to keep an eye on her.

• Diane and Victoria return from Spain, Diane feels she’s been a fool and needs the money from the sale of the pub asap
• Andy confesses his recent problems to a shocked Victoria.

5708 Tuesday 14th September

Diane is devastated when Nicola and Jimmy pull out of the pub sale
Jimmy is floored when Nicola admits she doesn’t want the pub life anymore, he’s incredulous at her change of heart just as he’s enjoying himself. However, when she starts to get upset about missing out on Angelica and the family he is torn. As they tentatively approach Diane about it she explodes and screams at them to get out. How will Diane pay off her debts now?

Aaron and Jackson decide to try living together permanently
Aaron and Jackson return from holiday and confide to Hazel that they may try to live together permanently. However, they hit a rocky patch when Jackson sabotages Aaron’s attempt to sell Pearl the dodgy car.

Nathan is fuming when Declan sacks him
Declan arrives at Home Farm to talk business, he may have left Natasha but he still owns the company and wants Nathan out. She is dismayed at his coldness when he fires Nathan and reopens the estate.

• Hannah doesn’t admit to Victoria that she and Isaac haven’t slept together, while Adam is worried about Holly
• Eve is torn when Carl comes onto her after Chas leaves them alone together, she remains adamant though and tells him to leave her alone
• Charity tries to convince Declan to take her on as his PA
• Diane apologises to Doug for not heeding his warnings about Charlie
• Abi introduces Ryan to his new cell mate Curtis, much to her amusement

5709 Wednesday 15th September

Declan makes it clear that he’s in charge of the business
Despite the mess at Home Farm, Declan isn’t prepared to walk away from a profitable business and makes it clear to Natasha that he’s in control. Nathan and Natasha offer to buy him out but Declan asserts he’s not going anywhere and will stay until they’re forced to sell their 49%. When will Nathan and Natasha realise they are not invincible?

Leyla’s panicked to learn jilted Alicia is after her blood
Doug and Leyla comfort each other at work over the state of their love lives. As they’re closing up Justin arrives to tell Leyla it’s over between him and Alicia and she knows they met in secret. Leyla’s unnerved at the prospect of her raging sister on the warpath.

Diane faces the music
Diane lowers the asking price for the Woolpack in the hope of tempting a new buyer. When Victoria offers to find a job instead of returning to college, Diane asks her to contribute rent. Meanwhile, Nicola is feeling guilty as word spreads that her and Jimmy won’t be buying the pub.

• Diane and Moira share a knowing look when they see Bob and Hazel flirting

5710 Thursday 16th September (ep 1)

Alicia forces Leyla to face her past
Leyla panics when a furious Alicia arrives in the shop with Jacob and accuses her of wrecking her marriage in front of Pollard and Doug. In Farrer’s, an irate Alicia accuses Leyla of robbing Jacob of his family life. Leyla protests her marriage problems are her own doing, but Alicia cuts her deep when she asserts that their mother would hate her if she was alive. It comes to a head when Leyla slaps Alicia and their hatred comes spilling out. Leyla cruelly spits that the real reason Alicia hates her so much is because she’s Jacob’s real mother. How will Leyla explain she has a son to David? Is Alicia right to be worried?

Aaron tells Moira he’s found Holly
Aaron sees Holly in Hotten and finds out she’s working in a bar. He can’t believe the state she is in and confronts her about tearing her family apart, but she’s defiant and refuses to listen. Back in the village, he tells Moira where she’s working which leaves her shocked and torn about what to do.

Declan rubs salt in Nathan’s wounds
Declan is defiant as he offers Nicola Nathan’s job and takes pleasure in humiliating Nathan in front of his former employees.

• Hannah is relieved Isaac isn’t going to push her into having sex and the village gossips pass comment when they see them kissing
• Pearl buys the clocked car from Aaron and Jackson’s shocked he’s conned an old lady. Aaron’s put out when Paddy and Jackson gang up on him for duping Pearl
• Diane looks to earn some money for her loan by selling her car
• Paddy agrees to put Hazel and Jackson up indefinitely

5711 Thursday 16th September (ep 1)

Alicia ramps up the emotional blackmail on Leyla
Alicia continues to tear into Leyla as they argue about why Leyla left. As their anger turns to hurt the mood softens and Alicia reveals her and Jacob have nowhere to stay. Leyla knows she has no choice and tells her they can stay with her until David comes back. Has Leyla set herself up for a fall?

A furious Moira finds Holly
Moira turns up at the bar Holly works in and is angered to see how carefree she is. Confronting her about robbing her own family, Moira fumes when she shows no shame. Holly begs her not to cause a scene but Moira drags her out of the bar and into her car. Holly denies stealing the ring but Moira is enraged and tells her they are going for a drive.

Aaron is forced to be honest with Pearl
Paddy insists that Aaron make things right with Pearl however Cain isn’t happy with Aaron’s refund so tells him he’s charging interest for every day Aaron has the car.

• Carl and Eve pick up where they left off when they’re alone in the office however Eve is relieved when Jimmy interrupts them and it’s clear she is finding living under the same roof as Carl and Chas hard

5712 Friday 17th September
Moira hands Holly over to the police
Holly’s panicked when Moira drives her to the police station and asks them to arrest her for theft. John is stunned when he realises Moira has shopped their own daughter, however the PC suggests she needs counselling rather than punishment. Moira concedes not to press charges and PC Swirling scares Holly before releasing her. Tear stained Holly appears and explains why she stole from them and how sorry she is, but they’re shocked when she makes it clear she has no intention of coming home with them. She hands them her address leaving John and Moira anxious about what they’ll find when they visit. Will Holly ever come home?

Alicia warns Leyla if Jacob learns the truth he’ll hate her
Leyla is stumped when Alicia makes it clear she’s staying whether Leyla likes it or not. Leyla heads to the pub to escape, however she’s at a loss when her friends head out on a girl’s night and she’s left reeling at the thought of her sister sticking around and David finding out the truth.

Terry finds a mystery parcel in the back of his cab
Terry’s chauffeur business is keeping him busy, however he realises a client has left a package on the back seat. He orders Rodney to find out who it belongs to but their search turns out fruitless as they ponder what could be in the package.

• Andy is excited about Sarah coming to stay and Adele is miffed when she notices the warmth between him and Katie whilst they talk about his daughter’s visit
• Bob and Marlon worry about Diane’s breeziness and cost cutting at the pub, whilst Victoria gets a job at the B&B
• Lizzie and Bob are getting along well and enjoy a walk in the country

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