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Full spoilers September 27th to October 1st

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5719 Monday 27th September

David tries to come to terms with Leyla’s revelation
Leyla begs David for forgiveness and David is further confused when Pollard sides with Leyla. Later, Leyla is relieved when David doesn’t want to break up however they hit another wall then Leyla reveals Alicia and Jacob are staying and gives David an ultimatum that it’s all of them or nothing. What will David decide?

Aaron admits he doesn’t want to lose Jackson
Aaron admits he’s sorry and Jackson agrees to give him another chance when he promises he’ll try and sort himself out. However, Jackson is dubious that Aaron has let go of his fued with Mickey.

Ryan receives his court date
Ryan frets to Faye that he has no chance without Maisie being here to stand up for him. Later, Ryan’s cell mate Curtis walks in as Ryan and Abi are close to kissing.

• Doug finally tells Diane he’s there if she needs a friend
• Declan confides in Jai that he wants to help Faye prove Ryan’s innocence to get at the Wylde’s

5720 Tuesday 28th September

Abi and Ryan get closer in prison
When they steal a charged moment together in the corridor, Abi slips Ryan a mobile phone to call Faye and they're dangerously close to a kiss. Will Ryan cross the thin blue line?

Declan proposes an alliance with Faye
Declan admits to a fraught Faye that he believes Ryan’s been framed by Nathan. He assures her that they share the desire to bring Natasha and Nathan down - he wants to see justice done and he'll do all he can to help her prove Ryan is innocent.

Leyla is gutted when Alicia decides to leave
David is still trying to work out what kind of relationship Leyla wants with Jacob and turns to Pollard for advice. However, Alicia is furious when she discovers Pollard knows the truth and insists she can't risk Jacob finding out - they're leaving the village ASAP.

• Carl lies to Chas that his new phone is for work commitments
• Paddy and Jackson worry Aaron is struggling to bury his anger about Mickey killing Clyde

5721 Wednesday 29th September

Aaron’s rocked when Jackson says he loves him
Aaron clearly can't let go of his feud with Mickey and wants revenge. He's furious when Jackson admits he's paid Mickey to put a stop to the whole thing but as they row, Jackson blurts out that he's in love with him. Will Aaron reciprocate his feelings?

Ryan is wary of his attraction to Abi
At the prison, a nervous Abi admits she’s taking a gamble and hopes Ryan’s worth it. Aware of how much she’s risking, he thanks her and it’s clear she is his one solace right now. Back in the village, Declan calls a truce with Natasha so he can attend the will reading but refuses to be civil to Nathan. Meanwhile, he offers Faye a top QC for Ryan and urges her to go the will reading to ensure the Wylde’s don't leave with everything.

Alicia admits she’s jealous of Leyla’s life
Leyla’s clearly troubled following her run in with Alicia. Meanwhile, David watches as Alicia leaves without saying bye. However, Leyla’s thrown when Alicia returns and admits she has nowhere to go. She comments that Leyla’s struck lucky with David and admits she's always been jealous of her. David isn’t sure though and still has reservations about Alicia.

• Katie comes clean about sleeping with Andy to Adele
• Diane swallows her pride and accepts a financial contribution from Victoria

5722 Thursday 30th September (episode 1)

Faye reveals her plans to contest the will
Ryan’s worried his cellmate has picked up on the closeness between him and Abi, but cant resist when she leads him somewhere private for a passionate clandestine moment. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, the will reading confirms the Wylde’s receive the bulk of Mark's fortune, but Faye and Declan coolly assert they are going to make sure they never see a penny.

Aaron feels too young for love
Aaron is awkward following Jackson’s admission that he’s in love with him and confides to Adam that he’s ruined everything. Meanwhile, Jackson frets that Aaron doesn’t love him back whilst Chas and Hazel worry about them.

John interrupts Hannah and Isaac kissing
John agrees to let Isaac come round for a study session with Hannah. However, he’s a little shocked when he walks in on them kissing and Hannah’s relieved that John interrupted their heated moment.

• Adam is relieved Holly isn’t in when Moira suggests they make a detour after shopping in town
• Leyla is conflicted when she disagrees with Alicia's advice to Jacob after he's bullied on his first day of school.
• Chas is getting increasingly suspicious of Carl's "work phone" and asks Charity if she's noticed anything suss, she advise Chas that if she’s worried she should read his texts

5723 Thursday 30th September (ep 2)

Declan reveals his hand to a stunned Natasha
Natasha's shocked and furious when Declan sides with Faye, who coolly informs her that the money will be tied up for years in probate unless she forces Nathan to come clean. The pressure mounts on Natasha as Faye presses her for an answer, while Declan tells her to stop kidding herself – they all know Nathan is guilty. When Natasha refuses, Faye announces that she has until the trial to decide what to do. Later, Faye realises Nathan has been kept in the dark about their proposition when Nathan confronts her about what she’s up to.

Abi and Ryan are caught in a clinch
Ryan panics when his cellmate, Curtis, catches him with Abi and accuses them of having a fling. He demands Ryan hand over the phone she's given him but Ryan stands firm. Back in their cell, Ryan takes a serious beating from him but can't resist a kiss with Abi later in the hospital wing. Will Ryan quit his dangerous affair before it gets him in more trouble?

Charity discovers Carl’s affair phone and breaks the news to Chas
As Charity jokes about Carl being up to no good, she sneakily pours a drink over his jacket and takes it to the loos. However, as she sits in the toilets looking through his text messages she's horrified to see Chas' suspicions were justified and breaks the news to her friend that Carl has another woman.

• Hannah confides in Victoria that she hasn't slept with Isaac. She reassures her that she shouldn’t have sex if she's not ready for it
• Dan tells Holly some people popped round to see her yesterday but he didn’t answer the door, Holly admits she saw them but hid. Angry, Dan gives Holly some money to pay her parents to stop them "popping round" again
• Andy worries he's blown it with Adele
• Hazel’s embarrassed when Chas notices she fancies Bob

5724 Friday 1st October

John’s not convinced by Holly’s gesture
Nervous Holly arrives at Butlers and gives herself a quick fix in the barn before facing her family. Handing back Moira's heirloom ring, she claims she's back on track and wanted to make it up to them. John and Moira know that she was high and refusing to be fobbed off, John decides to go to the flat to confront her. Dan reluctantly lets him in but John is struck by his blasé attitude towards Holly’s drug problem and accuses him of dealing. As John demands he stay away from his daughter, Dan tries to throw him out. Horrified Holly arrives back in the midst of the commotion and refuses to go with her dad, leaving him devastated his daughter has chosen this life over her family.

Faye won’t be intimidated out of contesting the will
Nathan tries to goad Faye as he test drives the flashy car he’s planning to buy when he gets his inheritance. Declan coolly asserts he’s kidding himself and later confronts him about his visit to Faye yesterday. Nathan covers but he’s clearly rattled by Declan’s threats. Meanwhile, Faye visits Ryan in prison and after seeing his bloodied face, she’s more determined than ever to bring Nathan and Natasha down.

Carl’s deception escalates
Carl lies to Chas that the phone belongs to Jimmy and the saucy texts were from his admirer. When Chas isn't convinced about why he's been so secretive recently he covers that he's been looking into a surprise holiday for her. Chas buys it and ends up feeling guilty for spoiling his gesture but it’s clear Carl is in too deep when she fills the cynical Charity in on Jimmy’s secret and her romantic break.

• Leyla and Alicia continue to spar as Alicia fails to get a job and Leyla disapproves of her parenting
• Bob asks Hazel out for a meal, Hazel agrees thinking it’s just a mate thing. However, Bob remains chuffed throughout the day thinking he’s got a date.

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