Monday, October 18, 2010

It's over I'm afraid.

Sorry everyone but ITV has been alerted to our youtube channel.

From ITVcopyright:

Copyright Infringement Notice

It is against ITV copyright to upload content on YouTube without our permission. ITV has a responsibility to maximise the revenue earned by its programming after its initial run. One of the ways it does this is through and ITV Player (which is owned by ITV) and therefore all profits made by our online sources are returned back to ITV.

Everyone who helps make ITV programmes -- from actors to musicians, directors to writers, costume designers to cameramen -- has worked towards creating the show, therefore we often need to get the permission from these people (particularly writers, actors, presenters and musicians) to use their work online.

Unfortunately sometimes users on YouTube such as yourself do not understand this, which is why we appreciate people highlighting these channels with us. Your channel has been found to be in serious breach of ITV copyright, and is now being monitored by our viewer services team. If at any point in the future we find that this notice has been ignored, and you continue to upload ITV content against the permission of both ITV and those who help make the programme(s), we will not hesitate in taking action against this account.

If you would like more information on why your account is now being monitored, please call ITV viewer enquires on 0844 881 4150. Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline. Calls from other networks may be higher, and from mobiles will be considerably more.

Alternatively you can write to us at:

ITV Viewer Services
Gas Street
B1 2JT

The ITV Copyright team

I'm going to leave the channel as it is in case anyone wants the download links or to catch up with older material. At least until Youtube takes it down, but I won't be uploading to it anymore. Personally I don't agree with ITV's decison as I felt I was bringing their product to a national stage since their much-touted ITV player is geo locked to the UK only. 

I'd like to thank you all for making Aaron's story an enjoyable experience for me, this past year. I'll leave you with some important links to other places to find Aaron's story video, news, and spoilers.




kimbaforevaryanlamb - Another Youtube uploader for Aaron's Story which hopefully won't be taken down.

The Gays of Daytime - A site dedicated to gay storylines in soap operas from around the world.  

Emmys Guys and Gals - A great site for all the latest spoilers for Emmerdale.

Digital Spy - The best site for the latest news and gossip for UK soaps


  1. ...this really sucks! Will you still be putting up downloads on this site, maybe? That would be awesome.

  2. That's sad... particularly as you pointed out because it got Emmerdale some international attention.
    Can you at least continue uploading new videos to megaupload? I always enjoy having the complete storyline on my HDD without the need to click my way through painfully laggy youtube videos. Especially now in 720p.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work! I believe there are way more people grateful for people like you giving them access to their favourite shows than anyone might think!

  3. That really sucks, Jay...

    I, like many others following your YouTube channel and this blog, live far away from the UK and depend on the generosity of people like you, who take the time to edit and upload these videos.

    I hope you'll consider the option of continuing to put the videos on Megaupload and posting the links here.

    Thanks so much for all the great work you've done so far!

  4. It's really sad to read this.
    Thank you Jay for you effort.

    Greetings from Venezuela.

  5. I think it really sucks that they will not let the show out to people outside the UK, it is a good show and I really enjoyed it up until now. Really now that Aaron's story is getting even better and wanting to find out what will happen next. I guess for now that I can hope that I and the others here can find somewhere to watch it.
    You did good work and thank you for you time in putting it all together.

  6. Hello,

    Jay first of all, thank you so much for keeping track of this story. It's been absolutely wonderful and refreshing. The performances of both Danny Miller and Marc Silcock have been nothing short of Oscar worthy.

    I'm in the US and just recently started watching your channel via a link from another storyline I started following in True Blood. I would've never had known about this series if it wasn't for you and others like you who have been also kept track of it. Luckily, I missed doing myself such a disservice

    Again thank you for all your hard work. It's really a shame that this has hit this snag. I can honestly say that it is one of the best, if not, the best storylines I've had the pleasure of watching unfold. And I never would have known about it if not for you.

    Thanks from Tampa, Florida!

  7. I'm in California and probably wouldn't even know about Aaron and Emmerdale if it weren't for dedicated bloggers like you. Thank you.

    Aaron is by far the show's most complex and interesting character. ITV should be grateful you were spreading the word.

    But at least they were straightforward about greed being the reason, despite the fact that the ITV player isn't accessible from places like the States. It's unclear to me how they are losing money from bloggers posting clips for those of us without access to the player. ITV would make more money by opening up their content instead of restricting it.

    I hope you'll continue in some way. I've grown accustomed to eagerly checking your blog to keep up with Aaron (and Danny)! Thanks again.

  8. it hurts to think that this has happened but i still love the show is was so amazing i hope it comes back?? love ya

  9. There must be something that we can do as viewers? The service that jay has provided has in no way damaged the regular episodes or itvplayer. itv player only shows to the UK and only for 30 days. Jay has been bringing Emmerdale to a wider audiance. We must be able to make a case, put up a petition and have everyone who watches the channel sign it. Lets get involved.



    ITV really should have a look at who was voting for Emmerdale and Danny Miller in all these recent popular vote awards. I know ALOT of youtubers outside the UK (myself included) have been voting and this has to have had some affect on the recent wins.

    Their ITV player blocks all views from outside the UK so Im still baffled how they believe it is affecting revenue.

  12. This is so sad. It actually makes me angry as you were providing a service that ITV doesn't.

    Everything you have done promotes the show and undoubtedly brings Emmerdale more viewers, not less. If ITV were offering a service similar to your where they showed only Aaron's story (provided extracts, etc), then their claim would be valid, otherwise it is not!

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in over a long time.

  13. Thank you Jay for your work during the last years. Aaron's story really got me, made me laugh, made me cry, made me mad, made me happy. Like most of the viewers of your channel I live outside UK, as someone mentioned before, the itv-player is blocked outside the UK, so this was my channel to follow Aaron's story.
    Again Thank you!
    Best wishes from Germany

  14. :( as many of youre subscribers i'm not from the uk and i stumbled across Aaron's story one night when i couldn't sleap...
    I fell in love with the story and these 2 guys and my heart breaks when you see that money now a days is more important than touching people and making a difference in someone's live...
    They have given us such a beautifull storyline that is so real and so supportive of so many young gay people who are in the same situation as Aaron or Jackson...

    the blame is on you that this has been posted on you tube cause if you would have made this accesable to everyone across the world you wouldn't have to spend youre time in searching for dedicated fans only to let them know that one off there favorite storyline's can no longer be followed...
    You should be ashamed off handeling this like you are doing because the political message you bring and the support you give people throughout this whole storyline has reached and touched more lives than you can even begin to imagine !!! It's ashame that you take this away from people who can find rolmodels in Aaron/Jackson

    and DEAR JAY,
    thank you so much for making this stroyline and message public on you tube, to me you are a hero in so many ways...
    I wish you all the best, hope you don't get in trouble for bringing us joy
    Keep enjoying Emmerdale and our 2 boys for all of us and maybe you can just send us a little message to say how these two are doing...

    Kelly from Belgium

  15. What a disappointing news! I´m not from the UK so, this You Tube channel was quite useful to catch up the soap... I know how network policies work, but It´s difficult for non-UK viewers to watch the show in other media...

    Love the story and the actors too! Keep doing it!

    Juan Ignacio de la Sierra, Caracas, Venezuela (South America)

  16. That is really the stupidest thing. Like you said, you're bringing Aaron's storyline to all of us over here in the US or others all over the world, who can't watch the show simply because of where we live. If ITV doesn't want people to breach their copyright laws then they should make their content officially available to everyone.

  17. JabOfThePave - this is sad. I have tried every which way to view the player for Texas and have no luck. Your YouTube site and a few others has been the only way I been able to watch the show. Thanks for your efforts in the past and maybe you can blog the storyline and keep us posted on what is going on.

  18. Jay... from someone else who is outside the UK and misses a few home comforts, watching this was just what i needed to remind me how excellent our home grown talent is - and how people like you care to take the time and effort to make this available to those that cannot watch it (stupid itv player!)
    thank you for your time, effort and making this little Spanglish boy enjoy his northern life from Barcelona,

    Grascias y saludos / ta kiddo


  19. Thank you for all your work. I wish ITV would re-consider their decision. Those of us who live in the USA are not depriving them of income. If it weren't for your channel, I would never have known of Emmerdale. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Aaron's story and am saddened that ITV is destroying an opportunity for one of their shows to gain an international following. Compare ITV's foolish reaction to the Channel that shows Verbotene Liebe. Allowing Christian and Oliver's story to propagate across the Internet has only been good for them.

    Whatever happens, I appreciate your work and the many hours of pleasure it has provided.

    Be well,

  20. Hi From California,

    I am so sorry this happened to such a wonderful blog site like this. I too depended on this site for this wonderful program because of region blocks on ITV player and whatever that regulates programs for only the country. I will miss your updates and I so thank you for all your hard work so far. You are awesome and I wish these sort of banned were just banned themselves. Hopefully they will see that they are wrong. But thank you so much for everything.

  21. hi, thanks jay for your amazing efforts in this blog and the youtube channel.

    we all want to know if you will keep updating this blog with all other news, spoilers etc.

    and of course, is megaupload still an option for international viewers?

    I have angrily wrote to ITV about this issue. I did not mention the source (this site) and i haven had a reply.

    I will, if people want, create a new channel for the same story but it will only be created through high demand and there is another channel for this already (linked from this site).

    cheers jay...from josh

  22. Hey Jay, YouTube is NOT the only way to upload content! When you surf the Net you'll find other ways to upload without ITV knowing! Unfortunately I can not tell what to do because ITV would know but search and you will find when you really want to continue your great work! Good Luck!

  23. Just wanted to say a huge Thank you for everything you have done! I wouldn't have known anything about Aaron's story without you. It is sad they are making you stop. But I am very glad you were able to upload what you did. Thanks again and lots of Love from Texas.

  24. As a UK guy who works al over the world and has been following this site for months now I am both saddened and annoyed at the small minded and petty attitude of ITV. I, like other comments, believe that you have spread the word of this series into far more wider territories than ITV have and as a result gained potentially far more votes in the awards they desperately want to win.
    Well done and sad to see it go buddy.
    You did a fantastic job.
    My weekends (currently in Australia) will not be the same without the latest escapades. And that makes me both sad and annoyed at ITV.

    Lets hope they can be found an alternative home soon.

    Thanks once again for a brilliant job.
    Phil Australia

  25. Jay, sadly I found your site when I didn’t have much time to stay and watch the vids, but had promised myself another visit when I had time to sit down and enjoy it and here I am – too late, but I want to thank you anyway.

    What struck me when I discovered it was, how well set out and professional it appeared to be – infact, better than professional, because the professionals who complain about it don’t provide anything half as good.

    If I was them, instead of coming down heavy on people like you who are only showing an appreciation of the work produced by the - “ actors to musicians, directors to writers, costume designers to cameramen” – I would be calling a meeting to discuss if there was a way we could provide a link to such a well presented site, that could only improve our viewing figures (and bring in more revenue!)

    It’s all very well to say they have a responsibility to maximise revenue through ITV.Com and ITV Player – perhaps so, but do they provide a show reel of the individual storylines of the characters we are interested in? No. Will Aaron and Jacksons story be there for us to dip in and out of for months to come? No. If we want to rewatch their story, we have a limited time frame and the prospect of sitting through other parts of Emmerdale we don’t want to watch over and over again.

    They would need to pay someone a lot of money to sit down and produce storyline show reels for all the different characters, so it would be impossible.

    However, every now and then someone with dedication does this kind of thing for free, they keep the story alive for themselves and for other fans enjoying a particular story. They also bring the story to others who would not get a chance to see it at all, they bring the writers, producers and actors to the attention of people who would not otherwise know their work.

    Do they really think that now that I have no access to the story on your site, I’m going to rush over to ITV player watching scene after scene of Emmerdale that has nothing to do with the story I’m interested in, in the hope I might find 15 seconds of the Aaron and Jackson story? No.

    Viewers Services Team – Copyright Team – why not find a way to work WITH people like Jay. If there’s a site as good as this that presents one of your shows well, come to an arrangement about what they can keep and what would have to go if you link to it. Then everyone benefits… especially the viewers!

    Sigh… the sad thing is, I know I’m wasting my breath.

  26. hey jay, probably you can write to them so that they come to their senses or something, i mean, ichglotzutube and eskimokiss somehow able to continue Verbotene Liebe and AWZ show from their account, but they are in German, urs in UK, probably u guys have diffferent regulations, but hey, just try ok..i appreciate all of ur hardwork, if there's anything or update on this, just post it here alrite, hugs =)

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