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Full Spoilers and Pics for the week of August 9th

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Ep 5677 Monday 9th August

A terrified Ryan faces his day in court
Ryan (James Sutton) despairs as his solicitor briefs him on what to expect from today’s hearing. Meanwhile, Cain (Jeff Hordley) is in turmoil as he decides to go and support Ryan in court. At Home Farm, Natasha (Amanda Donohoe) coldly warns Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) to stay away from court, but ignoring her, he arrives just as Ryan pleads not guilty. Cain turns to see Nathan smirking as Ryan is refused bail. Distraught, Faye (Kim Thomson) reels at what is happening and angrily confronts a smug Nathan, will he get his comeuppance?

Holly firmly denies the extent of her problems to Adam
Aaron (Danny Miller) mentions his concern about Holly to Adam (Adam Thomas), who takes it upon himself to search her handbag while she’s asleep. She wakes up and catches him but as Adam confronts her she’s furious at his lack of trust and firmly denies that she is back on drugs.

Andy broods over not getting to spend time alone with Adele
Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) and Adele (Tanya Vital) enjoy lunch in the café but its clear Andy is annoyed when Lizzie (Kitty McGeever) invites herself to sit with them. Adele calls him on it and leaves him deflated when she makes her excuses not to see him tonight.

• David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) trying to be supportive but Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) insists she’ll deal with her mother’s death in her own way
• Marlon (Mark Charnock) tries to get Rhona (Zoe Henry) to take the day off but she insists on dinner instead and he ponders taking her away for the weekend

Ep 5678 Tuesday 10th August

Paddy and Rhona’s work brings them closer
Marlon (Mark Charnock) is fuming when his romantic afternoon with Rhona is interrupted by Paddy who needs her help on an emergency call out. In reality, Paddy needs her to save him from an over amorous client by pretending she’s his girlfriend. She rumbles him for making her come along for protection and they head back to Smithy with some wine. Later, Rhona tipsily plants a platonic kiss on Paddy’s lips as she leaves, but is perturbed to find she has feelings for him. Will Rhona be able to bury her feelings about Paddy?

Leyla reveals the relationship with her sister is fractured
Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) finally lets David (Matthew Wolfenden) in and admits she feels guilty that she was angry at her mother for not recognising her when she fell ill. Later, David pushes to know about her sister, but Leyla clams up and insists they are two very different people. He’s left worried that Leyla is hiding something.

Cain vents his guilt about Ryan
Charity (Emma Atkins) insists that Cain needs to keep quiet when he explains about Ryan and his predicament with the wallet. However, Cain‘s guilt rises as Faye (Kim Thomson) tells him she has some doubts about her son.

• Hannah (Grace Cassidy) enjoys spending time with Isaac (Jake Roche), but is disappointed when she thinks he fancies Victoria (Jake’s first appearance on screen)

Ep 5679 Wednesday 11th August
Leyla is rocked by Alicia’s visit (Natalie’s first appearance on screen)
Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) is stunned when her sister Alicia (Natalie Anderson) turns up and sternly warns her to stay away from the funeral. After she leaves, Leyla is shaken and snaps at David (Matthew Wolfenden) when he tries to help. He tries to convince her to attend the funeral despite her sister. Will Leyla listen to David or Alicia?

Marlon is hurt that Rhona stood him up to celebrate with Paddy
Pearl (Meg Johnson) is annoyed that Rhona (Zoe Henry) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) are hung-over and drops them in it with Marlon. He is visibly hurt as Rhona squirms realising she should have called him. She’s relieved when he later forgives her and insists they spend tonight together instead.

A traumatised Faye finally visits Ryan in prison
Ryan is (James Sutton) grateful when the prison guard, Abi (Catherine Tyldesley), kindly gives him a book to read. He’s pleased to see Faye (Kim Thomson), but is depressed to learn Will (Oscar Lloyd) and Maisie (Alice Coulthard) think he killed Mark. Faye hastily backtracks when she asks an exhausted Ryan if there’s any truth in the allegations. If Faye doesn’t believe him, who will?

• Andy’s (Kelvin Fletcher) suspicions continue to grow when Adele (Tanya Vital) has to babysit again but refuses a lift there. Later, he shares his concerns with Katie (Sammy Winward) but she brushes him off and tells him not to be paranoid
• Terry (Billy Hartman) and Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) lightly discuss new business ventures

Ep 5680 Thursday 12th August (Ep 1)
Leyla faces her mum’s funeral
Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) tells a confused David (Matthew Wolfenden) that she’s going to the funeral alone. At the crematorium, Alicia (Natalie Anderson) is fuming when Leyla comes to sit with her at the front. She rejects any comfort from Leyla and asserts that now their mother is gone she wants nothing more to do with Leyla. She coolly tells Leyla to do what she wants with the ashes, before leaving Leyla alone and distraught.

Rhona pushes to get quality time with Marlon
Rhona (Zoe Henry) decides to hire bikes for her and Marlon for the day and saucily insists they cycle to a secluded spot. However, she gets a puncture followed by a call out and has to leave Marlon with her bike and a puncture kit. When he finally arrives back he is furious at the day he’s had much to Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and Rhona’s amusement.

Andy stresses over not getting to see Adele when he wants
Katie (Sammy Winward) is worried by Andy’s (Kelvin Fletcher) intense mood when he misses meeting Adele (Tanya Vital) for lunch.

• Paddy offers Jackson (Marc Silcock) a roof when he relays the accidental flooding lead to his eviction from his flat
• Faye (Kim Thomson) tries to convince Maisie (Alice Coulthard) to visit Ryan (James Sutton) but it soon ends in an ugly spat leaving Maisie full of doubt over Ryan’s innocence

Ep 5681 Thursday 12th August (Ep 2)

Leyla watches Alicia and Justin from a distance
Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) arrives home after the funeral but its clear something is playing on her mind. She closes the shop, and finds herself outside her mother’s house watching Alicia (Natalie Anderson) and her husband, Justin (Andrew Langtree) say goodbye to the last of the mourners. As Justin catches her eye, he quickly heads over and tells her to leave.

Jackson introduces Aaron to his mum Hazel (Pauline’s first appearance on screen)
Aaron (Danny Miller) is bemused when Jackson (Marc Silcock) introduces him to his mum Hazel (Pauline Quirke) and informs him that Paddy (Dominic Brunt) said it’d be okay for them to stay at Smithy for a while. Paddy is confused when Aaron questions why he’s agreed to let them stay.

Andy is struggling to control his paranoia
Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) is put out when laid-back Adele (Tanya Vital) invites lonely Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) out with them. He lets his possessiveness get the better of him and Adele is annoyed by his mood. She refuses to follow him when he storms off and concedes he’s a bit too intense.
• Rhona (Zoe Henry) tags along to Paddy and Marlon’s (Mark Charnock) games night
• Terry (Billy Hartman) and Rodney (Patrick Mower) reminisce over a spot of fishing

Ep 5682 Friday 13th August

Leyla makes peace with her mum
Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) and David (Matthew Wolfenden) set out to scatter her mum’s ashes and Leyla is horrified when some of the ashes spill onto the back seat of their car. David comforts Leyla as the remainder of the ashes blow away and she relays fond memories of her mother. Later, at the shop Leyla is surprised when Justin turns up and is taken aback when he claims he just wanted to make sure she was okay. She lies to David that he’s just a sales rep before Justin hastily leaves.

Andy’s anger begins to well up
Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) attempts to apologise to Adele (Tanya Vital) for last night and invites her round. However, he’s put out when she has arranged a girl’s night with Katie (Sammy Winward) and Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams). Later, Katie’s concerned when she spots Andy spying on them.

Aaron is struggling to cope with the living arrangements at Smithy
Hazel (Pauline Quirke) is making a real effort with Aaron (Danny Miller) but questions Jackson (Marc Silcock) about Aaron’s surliness. Hazel is left curious as to what Jackson sees in Aaron when he’s out rightly rude to her. Frustrated, Jackson tells Aaron he’s booking his mum into the B&B and going on holiday to give Aaron some space.

• Rhona (Zoe Henry) falters when Marlon (Mark Charnock) invites Paddy (Dominic Brunt) to the cinema with them and she insists they go alone. It’s clear Paddy’s a little disappointed
• Leyla gives Doug (Duncan Preston) a full time job at Leyla’s
• Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) is delighted when Terry returns to the village with a new car, hell bent on launching his new driving business

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