Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spoilers for the week of April 5th through the 9th

Tuesday, April 6 2010:

Paddy stays strong when Chas pushes him for answers on Aaron

Wednesday, April 7 2010:

Aaron's alarmed when Jackson turns up at the garage and hurriedly arranges to meet him in town for a drink. Later at the bus stop, Aaron bottles out of meeting Jackson when he sees that Scarlett's about to head into town, too.

Instead, Aaron heads to the café with Victoria but is taken aback when she suggests that they give their relationship another go. Aaron abruptly leaves and on his return home, he avoids Paddy's questioning about his mood.

Thursday, April 8 2010 7pm:

Aaron goes for a drink with Adam but is put out when Scarlett turns up with her friend Bryony. Meanwhile, Jackson walks in and is all too aware that Aaron's ashamed to be seen with him. Aaron's torn by his feeling but decides to feign interest in Bryony.

Back at Smithy, Bryony makes a move on Aaron but she takes his hesitation as a knock back and decidedly storms out. Aaron's further thrown when Jackson turns up at the house.

As they talk, Aaron realises they have more in common than he initially thought and share a charged moment. As they do, though, they're interrupted by Paddy and Marlon's arrival. Did Marlon notice the closeness? How will Aaron explain Jackson being there?

Thursday, April 8 2010 8pm:

Having seen Aaron and Jackson together, Paddy's flustered as he tries to usher Marlon out of Smithy. Marlon, however, is determined to get to the bottom of Aaron's strange behaviour. Marlon pushes Paddy for the truth, while Aaron throws Jackson out though fear of his secret being exposed. Feeling guilty, Aaron chases after Jackson but he refuses to listen.

When Aaron returns home, Marlon and Paddy are mid-argument over what's just happened. Aaron feels bad for causing trouble but Marlon soon storms out over Paddy's evasiveness.

Later, Paddy tries to make amends with Marlon and tentatively confides in his friend that Aaron's gay. Marlon's stunned but insists that they support him together. Marlon's at a loss, though, by Paddy's insistence that Aaron's sexuality remains a secret.

Back at Smithy, Aaron's in turmoil as he finally opens up and leaves Jackson a desperate voicemail, eager for another chance. Has Aaron blown it with Jackson? Will Marlon keep his word?

Friday, April 9 2010:

Aaron nervously turns up at the busy gay bar and walks in. Approaching Jackson, it's clear that he's initially not interested but Aaron's relieved when he finally concedes to give him another chance.

Aaron begins to feel at ease with Jackson as they continue to talk but when they leave, Aaron misinterprets Jackson's intentions. Mortified, Aaron runs off but is touched when Jackson follows him and admits that he likes him.

Aaron's shocked but doesn't resist when Jackson kisses him on the cheek. Is Aaron finally beginning to accept his sexuality?

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